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Muscles, Nerves and Reflexes

Muscle contractions can only be initiated when the muscle receives an electrical impulse via the nerves. The nerve fibres stimulating a certain number of muscle fibres are called motor units. All skeletal muscles are connected to the Central Nervous System (CNS) by nerve tracts. Afferent nerves transmit signals from the periphery to the CNS, and efferent nerves transmit signals from the CNS to the muscles or organs. Reflexes are characterized by the receipt of a signal, its transmission, and a subsequent response reaction.

How Does it slim the body down so fast?

The vibration plate utilizes the body’s unconscious reflexes. The special vibrations trigger unconscious muscle stretch reflexes, controlling a large number of muscle groups inaccessible during conventional training. This creates a G-Force action of the muscles into the bone creating a very fast slimming action.

Mode of Operation

The vibration plate produces the “right”, physiologically correct vibrations, active in all three dimensions simultaneously: up and down, sideways and backwards and forwards. You can also modulate the:


Amplitude (swing and intensity)
The higher the frequencies are used for breaking down viscous fats and cellulite, also simply for greater blood circulation whilst the lower frequencies are what activates the slender muscle action. The amplitude is the amount the vibration plate moves and generally its the 2 mm movement that gives the slender look and the 4 mm movement that moves the fat.

This helps to activate and reproduce the specific oscillations of all tissues, even in the deepest and thinnest layers. This process is also referred to as biomechanical or neuromuscular stimulation.