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Experiencing abdominal swelling, constipation, pelvic pain, groin pain or hernia or other gut related problems??
Do a quick self diagnosis check on yourself and lets fix it.

You’d better eat some cold foods

A swollen abdomen is caused by too much heat is your digestive system which can be from too much bread based products, baked foods, biscuits, salty and savory foods, spicy foods and/or red meats.
When you have a hot stomach condition and don’t drink enough water or eat the balance of cooling foods, then your gut will swell.
This is a yang condition.

Symptoms of this are; sore throat, deep cough, bloated tummy, shallow breathing, anxiety, hot head with cold hands it may feel like you have too much energy in your body and you haven’t found a way to let it out.

Heating Food

Some cooling foods to help are vegetables especially leafy greens and tofu which are yin.

Yang heating foods: chili, pepper, deep fried food, meat, flour based products like muffins/scones/cake/pies/pastry/croissant/toast/sandwiches/biscuits, eggs, salty/spicy foods msg, coke/lemonade/fizzy drinks and junk food or takeaways (Take out or reduce for your health).

Cooling Food

Yin cooling foods: seasonal vegetables especially greens like kale and cabbage, salad greens and fresh herbs, whole grains such as rice, barley, millet, quinoa and corn, legumes, tofu, ginger, brown rice vinegar, seasonal fruits and naturally fermented pickles such as described in the first chapter of my book inspiring organics (energizing foods).

Balance: Simply eat cooling foods to balance heating foods and make sure to have a salad with your pizza, fried chicken, BBQ sushi and sandwiches. Keep the hose on the fire.

Ask about our simple millet and tofu abdominal cooling 2 day plan for reducing Gerds disease and abdominal swelling.