The millet and tofu combination are known for reducing stomach swelling because of the cooling properties of tofu and the soothing alkalizing properties of millet. This healing dish is by design quite bland and simple. When you are healing digestive organs such as the stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas it is important to reduce the flavours to allow the healing properties of the foods to do there job.

The photos are the dinner and lunch for the 2 days, ideally skip breakfast to rest the organs for the most powerful affect.

Shopping List for 1 person; 2 dinners and 2 lunches

• 3/4 cup millet
• 1 block of firm tofu
• ½ tsp umeboshi vinegar
• ½ tsp brown rice vinegar
• Sprinkle natural salt
• 1 golden kumara (sweet potato)
• 10 baby carrots
• 1 broccoli head
• 1 cup sauerkraut

Millet with tofu
3/4 cup millet
1 block of firm tofu
1 golden kumara
2 cups water
Sprinkle natural salt

• Pop millet in a saucepan with 2 cups of water and salt the bring to boil
• Add cubed tofu and kumara
• Reduce to a low simmer for about 15-20 min
• Rest for 3 min and serve

Boiled carrots and broccoli
Carrots are one of the more yang vegetables and with the high enzyme umeboshi vinegar also help reducing tummy swelling. Broccoli produces gas but helps eliminate the bad bacteria’s in the gut, with a splash of fermented brown rice vinegar also with healthy enzymes is a great balance

6 baby carrots, cut into diagonals
1 broccoli head cut into florets
½ teaspoon umeboshi vinegar
½ teaspoon brown rice vinegar

• Boil carrots and broccoli for 5 min on a low heat
• Separate and add umeboshi to carrots and brown rice vinegar to broccoli
• Serve

Cabbage is the highest fluid absorbing vegetable and when fermented with salt for a month to make sauerkraut bring immense healthy bacteria’s into the small and large intestines and help with digestion. This may also produce gas for a short time as bad bacteria’s are being eliminated.


• Add using a fork to serve a heaped tablespoon per meal