Fitvibe Excel Pro - History of vibration training.

Made by Gymna-Uniphy in Germany, a medical supply company. The first steel Fitvibe models were released in 2002 from technology it had gained from an acquisition in 1999. These medical models were designed with (liquid crystal display) LCD displays to show programs and posture, a feature used heavily to sell all its models, but apart from that were identical to the original Power Plate ( now Vibro-Gym ). These units had been designed some time prior to 1999 so undermines Power Plates claim of “inventing” this form of Therapy.
Since its original medical designs it has released a large round Pro machine and a small Home unit. Being very careful to make sure their machines produced no random 3D vibrations, they aimed for true Lineal instead. The machines at Slimmers Edge are medically certified quality as apposed to the cheaper machines which wobble in all directions.

Fit-Vibe even delayed the release of the Pro machine to ensure the quality was sound. Something a purely marketing driven company would never have done. Fit-Vibes are still made in Germany.

A history in time:

In 1999 Guus van der Meer, a renown Dutch Olympic coach, noted enhanced athletic performances among athletes using vibration training techniques. Familiar with the time-constraints limiting many people from a more active lifestyle, Guus van der Meer saw a window of opportunity for short yet effective vibration workouts. Drawing on his extensive experience, he developed the first Power-Plate training programs in response to the ever-growing needs of the health and fitness market.

The first Power-Plates boasted exclusive designs, high-quality materials and unique technologies, including two precisely controlled and mounted motors. Only the Power-Plate was able to simultaneously produce physiologically accurate vibrations, active in tri-dimensionality. The majority of appliances that emulate this principle produce only a two-dimensional rocking movement that cannot guarantee such satisfactory training results.

In 2003, in a move that cemented the validity and prowess of our product, the US space travel agency NASA bought five Power-Plates (vibration platforms), heralding the return of vibration training to the space program. The main objective remained to gain a broad acceptance in the health and fitness sector for the following obvious reasons:

  • Scientifically developed programs
  • Unmatched technology
  • A high comprehensive and accessible training programs
  • A high profile product brought to a local level

Vibration training is the practice of exercising on a hi-tech vibrating platform.

The platform creates vibrations which are transferred onto the body. Standing on the platform you will notice that your body automatically adjust to these vibrations by way of subconscious stretch reflex a rapid and intense muscle contraction. Your muscles will contract and expend in a reflex 30 to 50 times per second depending on the setting selected. This action stretches and reinforces the muscles and stimulates circulation tremendously.   Our Fit-Vibe enables you to exercise harder than you could otherwise exercise in less time and no extra effort with programs designed to help you achieve the body you want to achieve.

The effects of body vibration are numerous and diverse. David has developed about 40 different training programs enabling everyone to improve their looks, health and general wellbeing.   Whether you are fit or unfit, active or sedentary, The Fit-Vibe vibration platform can help you. From simply stretching on the machine, to performing dynamic movements or relieving those aches and pains with the high frequency massage program, The Fit-Vibe is amazingly versatile.

Anti – Aging

Fit-Vibe is a unique anti-aging tool. It is used to increase circulation in those who are inactive and/or suffering from health problems. The warming up of muscles and tendon reflexes will enhance flexibility. And since all receptors are trained simultaneously coordination and sense of balance will improve long lasting mobility


The Deep tissue massage on our machines loosens up viscous tissues (fat) and adhesion (fibrous tissue) and whilst exercising on our machines it will also brake down fat cells and improve mobility of tissue layers such as cellulite. As the cellulite is broken down and the connective tissue is reinforced, the appearance of skin will become firmer and smoother and muscles become more defined. Even the facial muscles are trained and collagen fibers energized.

Sports and Fitness

During vibration training, practically all muscle fibres in all of the muscle groups are activated which gives slender body tone because the muscles tighten towards the bone. Various exercises can target specific muscle groups which ensure the entire body stays in shape. Vibration training particularly increases explosive muscle power and acceleration power as well as increases production of various growth and repair hormones. It is also increasingly popular for the treatment of injuries and sports massage.