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- Agus Widodo

All the below mentioned use the peristalsis muscle to move substances around, within and out of the body. The vibration machine is different to sit-ups or calisthenic exercises because it has the power of G-Force. So instead of simply doing sit-ups the fitvibe vibration machine we use is carefully calibrated to ignite G-Force’s into the central body sending centripetal motion into the core of every organ and body system. This makes your body more efficient with healthier digestion, immune strength and sexual libido for men and women. When the body systems are healthy they become more toned and slimmer.

The worm-like movement by which the alimentary canal or other tubular organs with both longitudinal and circular muscle fibers propel their contents, consisting of a wave of contraction passing along the tube.

When food is swallowed, it passes into the esophagus. Muscular contractions in the wall of the esophagus work the food downward, pushing it into the stomach. Here peristaltic contractions not only move the food in small amounts into the intestine but also aid in the disintegration of the food and help mix it with gastric juice. Peristalsis forces the food into and through the intestine for further digestion until the food waste finally reaches the rectum, from which it is periodically discharged from the body. The waves of peristalsis are irregular; they are stronger at some times than at others. They are also weaker in some people, notably the elderly.

Although the normal peristaltic wave is downward, it is sometimes reversed. Reverse peristaltic action may be triggered by mild digestive upsets or more serious disorders, such as an obstruction in the stomach or intestines.


After food is chewed into a bolus, it is swallowed and moved through the esophagus. Smooth muscles contract behind the bolus to prevent it from being squeezed back into the mouth. Then rhythmic, unidirectional waves of contractions work to rapidly force the food into the stomach.

Small Intestine

Once processed and digested by the stomach, the milky chyme is squeezed through the pyloric sphincter into the small intestine. Once past the stomach, a typical peristaltic wave only lasts for a few seconds, travelling at only a few centimeters per second.

Large Intestine

Although the large intestine has peristalsis of the type that the small intestine uses, it is not the primary propulsion. Instead, general contractions called mass movements occur one to three times per day in the large intestine, propelling the chyme toward the rectum.


The human lymphatic system has no central pump. Instead, lymph circulates through peristalsis in the lymph capillaries, as well as valves in the capillaries, compression during contraction of adjacent skeletal muscle, and arterial pulsation.


Elimination of toxins passing through the kidneys is enhanced with the g-force action from the fit-vibe vibration machines along with greater wellness of the reproductive organs for both men and women. Greater levels of libido can be expected and achieved especially for people having fertility issues.